Plasticity under Nanoindenter in (111) Copper

Simulation result from a MD simulation on (111) Copper modelled with the EAM potential of Mishin. All particles in ideal lattice positions are omitted and the color code refers to the von Mises stress field.


3 Comments on “Plasticity under Nanoindenter in (111) Copper”

  1. MauriCobain says:

    Hi, Very nice video and work. I am working on nanoidentation in Cu and I would like to know what software did you use to make the video. Thanks. Mauricio

  2. gerolfziegenhain says:

    The simulation software was the LAMMPS code and the images were created using python and povray. The positions and stress tensor can be calculated from the LAMMPS code itself. The atom positions are straight forward to plot using povray and the stress tensor can be visualized using a density field.

  3. MauriCobain says:

    Ok, thank you. I will try to do it for my simulations. Mauricio

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