Installation of VOACAP under OSX

Voacap is a tool for “HF Propagation Prediction and Ionospheric Communications Analysis” (1). In the following article I describe the steps to take in order to install the software under OSX. 


Build & Installation of Voacap

For the installation of the voacap commandline tools you can follow the steps mentioned in (2). Nevertheless I show the essential commands here:
tar xzf voacapl-0.5.8.tar.gz 
cd voacapl-0.5.8
sudo make install

Copy the Basic Configuration & Example Files

If you are new to voacap it is useful to start with some example files. Voacap expects them in its standard directory ~/itshfbc. The files can be copied manually:
cp -rv /usr/local/share/voacapl/itshfbc ~/

Testing the Installation 

cd ~/itshfbc

First test:
voacapl -s ~/itshfbc/ voacapx.dat
No output on screen? <= Ok 🙂
Something should be in this file:
cat run/voacapx.out 

Our second test is an area coverage analysis:

voacapl -s ~/itshfbc/ area calc default/default.voa
cat areadata/default/default.vg1 

Further Reading

  2. OSX Installation Instructions
  3. What is Voacap trying to tell me? (N6BV)

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