Lazy VOACAP Analysis

If you want to save your time by not installing voacap on your computer, you still can use the online tool for coverage analysis ( You can even automate this using a small shell script to build a PDF file with your HF propagation simulation.

Please note: The following script is provided for educational purpose only.


  • ImageMagick
  • wget


tt=$(date -u +”%Y %m %H”)
year=$(echo $tt | awk ‘{print$1}’)
month=$(echo $tt | awk ‘{print$2}’)
time=$(echo $tt | awk ‘{print$3}’)
txmode=24 #24=cw 38=ssb 49=am
rxantenna=d10m.ant #txantenna=isotrope.ant
_get_txband ()
 echo $filename
 echo $filename>&2
 test -e $filename && return
 wget -k -O $tmp “$year&month=$month&time=$time&TDX=9999&txname=$txname&txlat=$txlat&txlon=$txlon&txantenna=$txantenna&txpower=$txpower&txmode=$txmode&es=noes&band=$txband&path=Short&rxantenna=$rxantenna” 2>/dev/null
 img_url=$(cat $tmp | grep img |sed ‘s/.*src=”//;s/”.*//g’)
 wget -O $filename $img_url 2>/dev/null
 rm $tmp
# Some example loops for data extraction
_loop_outdoor ()
 txpower=0.005 #kW
 for time in 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22; do
  for txband in 7.030 10.116 14.060; do #MHz
   files=$files” “$(_get_txband)
_loop_shack ()
 for txpower in 0.005 0.010 0.050; do #kW
  for txband in 3.560 7.030 10.116 14.060 18.086 21.060 24.906 28.060; do #MHz
   files=$files” “$(_get_txband)
pdfname=”$txname-“$(echo $tt |sed ‘s/ /-/g’)”.pdf”
echo convert $(echo $files) $pdfname

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