Repair the Power Supply of an Apple TimeCapsule

In the first generation of Time Capsules there was a quality problem with the capacitors in the switching power supply: a lot of them broke due to heat problems after about 17 months There is an excellent instruction on how to repair the device. Nevertheless the information which capacitors to use is missing. In this post I present a short instruction including more detailled information on the capacitors.

Parts List

Four capacitors are to be replaced. They can be obtained from Conrad (Best.-Nr. refers to the Conrad article number, Teilenummer to the manufactor article number).

  • 2x 1500µF/6,3V (105°C) Best.-Nr.: 446758 – 62 [Teilenummer: EEUFR1C152B]
  • 1x 330µF/35V (105°C) Best.-Nr.: 446911 – 62 [Teilenummer: EEUFR1E331]
  • 1x 470µF/6,3V (105°C) Best.-Nr.: 421915 – 62 [Teilenummer: EEUFC1A471]

Repair the TimeCapsule

  1. Remove the rubber
  2. Remove the screws
  3. Unplug the power supply
  4. Open the power supply
    Watch out: The capacitors will sustain high voltage for months! Make sure to discharge them!!
  5. Replace the capacitors
  6. Make sure the isolation of the power supply is ok.
  7. Reassemble…

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