Raspi As WSPR Transmitter

Recently the Raspberry Pi (Raspi) has gained much interest in the Ham Radio community. One interesting things is: the I/O pins provide access to a clock signal (GPCLK0) and it is possible to modulate this clock signal via software. This has motivated Guido Ten Dolle (PE1NZZ) to implement a WSPR transmitter and to publish the sources under GPL. Within the last days I have made some minor modifications to the WsprryPi sources, built a 30m QRP filter using the ugly method and connected everything to my doublet antenna.

Raspi as WSPR Transmitter

Immediately my 10mW have been received in 743km distance by G6HUI (WSPR Spots):

Timestamp Call MHz SNR Drift Grid Pwr Reporter RGrid km az
 2013-04-13 15:30  DG6FL  10.140199  -16  -1  JO40cb  0.01  G6HUI  IO81wl  743  286
7869km with 10mW
Timestamp Call MHz SNR Drift Grid Pwr Reporter RGrid km az
 2013-04-22 05:02  DG6FL  10.140238  -21  1  JO40cb  0.01  W4AC  EL86  7869  289

Information on how to do this yourself can be found in the WsprryPi repository.

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4 Comments on “Raspi As WSPR Transmitter”

  1. mikikg says:

    This is great.

    BTW: Put some protection diode like BAV99! This diode will save you RPi from electrostatic discharge which can come from antenna and destroy it completely!

    73 de YU3MA

  2. Philip says:

    That will kill the output, A pair for 5.1 zenners back to back would work

  3. Lovely! I’ve seen the Raspberry Pi being used as a “pirate” FM transmitter , but a rather ugly one because the frequency modulated, square wave drives the antenna without any filtering! using a (aptly named) pi filter must make it tidier. Must… try this out to evaluate my antenna performance.
    73, de VE2YMV

  4. Adam French - KI6SLW says:

    This is awesome!

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