Raspi As WSPR Transmitter

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5 Comments on “Raspi As WSPR Transmitter”

  1. […] WsprryPi: Raspberry Pi WSPR transmitter The I/O pins provide access to a clock signal and it is possible to modulate this clock signal via software. Gerolf Ziegenhain […]

  2. Adam French - KI6SLW says:

    This is awesome!

  3. Lovely! I’ve seen the Raspberry Pi being used as a “pirate” FM transmitter , but a rather ugly one because the frequency modulated, square wave drives the antenna without any filtering! using a (aptly named) pi filter must make it tidier. Must… try this out to evaluate my antenna performance.
    73, de VE2YMV

  4. Philip says:

    That will kill the output, A pair for 5.1 zenners back to back would work

  5. mikikg says:

    This is great.

    BTW: Put some protection diode like BAV99! This diode will save you RPi from electrostatic discharge which can come from antenna and destroy it completely!

    73 de YU3MA

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