Converting LaTeX to ePub

In contrast to claims in the web (i.e. M. Kofler: Sackgasse LaTeX?) it is possible to create ebooks from LaTeX sources easily even with sophisticated formulas and custom stylesheets. Using calibre and tex4ht I was able to provide an ePub of my PhD thesis: Atomistische Simulation von Nanoindentation. The resulting output looks quite impressive (minor defects when it comes to image boundaries or subscripts in text blocks). For comparison the original PDF.

Cross Glide

Xmas Simulations

Here is a bunch of my old Xmas simulations.


using a genetic algorithm a picture taken in the last winter is approximated by 300 semitransparent triangles.

2009 – influence of shockwaves on xmas trees

2008 –  influence of a sack with too many gifts on xmas trees

2007 – on the interaction of a sack of gifts and a xmas tree

2006 – on the behaviour of xmastrees under the influence of hot candles

Visualization of the repository of my PhD thesis

Using codeswarm I have visualized the progress on my PhD thesis 🙂

von Mises Stress

 The same scene using a volumeview to show the von Mises stress from different angles.

Lattice Defects

Stacking faults are colored in red, partial dislocations and the surfaces are colored in gray.  The  nucleation of plasticity is homogenous. An amorphous blob of defective particles is nucleated in the region of the maximal stress. Later a stacking fault is nucleated and cross glide sets in.


View on the Whole Crystal

The formation of a screw dislocation can be seen on the top surface. Obviously it is not easy to observe the plastic deformation.

Plasticity under Nanoindenter in (111) Copper

Simulation result from a MD simulation on (111) Copper modelled with the EAM potential of Mishin. All particles in ideal lattice positions are omitted and the color code refers to the von Mises stress field.