Movie Import Problem iTunes 11 – Workaround

In iTunes 11.0.11 (12) 64-Bit there is a bug, which prevents movie import. Once a movie is imported (Drag & Drop or manually) it does not show up in iTunes. Nevertheless the file is copied to the iTunes directory Home Videos and is inserted into the library file iTunes Library.xml. If you wait a while the movies will show up (at least some in my case…).

This is a workaround:

  1. Click on Movies
  2. Click on Home Videos
  3. Right-Click on any movie here:
    1. Get Info
    2. Options tab
    3. Change media kind to movie

Your movies will start to show up slowly…

Installing the AirPort Utility 5.6 in OSX Mountain Lion

Some of the older AirPort devices will not work with current versions of the AirPort Utility and old versions cannot be installed on OSX Mountain Lion (yet).  The old version can be installed manually in parallel to the new version:

cd ~/Downloads
hdiutil attach AirPortUtility56.dmg
pkgutil –expand /Volumes/AirPortUtility/AirPortUtility56.pkg ~/Downloads/AirPortUtility56
gunzip -c < ~/Downloads/AirPortUtility56/AirPortUtility56Lion.pkg/Payload |  tar -xvf –
sudo mv Applications/Utilities/AirPort\ Utility\ /Applications/Utilities/

Clean Up a Time Capsule Sparse Image

Consider you want to remove a bunch of old updates (i.e. of an old Mac) from your Time Capsule (TC). You could erase the whole disk, but usually this is not what you intend to do. Another alternative is to remove the plain sparse bundle containing the old backups. Removing sparse bundles – in particular for >1TB backups – from a TC can be a pain due to the time consumption. This is a result of the approach to split the backup in ~8MB sized directories. 

In the following I present s fast way to clean your TC.


  1. Mount your TC, become root and do to the folder.
  2. Find your XYZ.sparsebundle

Deletion (you may want to monitor the progress in a 2nd terminal using df -h):

cd ./XYZ.sparsebundle/bands

for a in {0..9} {a..f}; do for b in {0..9} {a..f}; do for c in {0..9} {a..f}; do for d in {0..9} {a..f}; do echo $a$b$c$d && rm -drf $a$b$c$d ;done;done;done;done

for a in {0..9} {a..f}; do for b in {0..9} {a..f}; do for c in {0..9} {a..f}; do echo $a$b$c && rm -drf $a$b$c ;done;done;done

for a in {0..9} {a..f}; do for b in {0..9} {a..f}; do for c in {0..9} {a..f}; do for d in {0..9} {a..f}; do for e in {0..9} {a..f}; do echo $a$b$c$d$e && rm -drf $a$b$c$d$e ;done;done;done;done;done